guardrail is available as a modular core, with both sbt and Maven integration. The core can also be run as a stand-alone CLI application, with full support for all features.

To generate servers or clients using the http4s framework, set http4s as the framework in the generation configuration in either sbt or maven.

If compiling with Scala < 2.13.x, you’ll need to enable -Ypartial-unification:

scalacOptions += "-Ypartial-unification"

If compiling with Scala < 2.12.x, you’ll additionally need the -Xexperimental flag:

scalacOptions += "-Xexperimental"

Additionally, you will need to manually include dependencies in your project for the following packages:

  • http4s, dsl, server, and client dependencies
  • http4s-circe for JSON decoding and encoding support
  • circe-generic for JSON decoding and encoding support
  • cats-effect for http4s integration
  • cats-core for http4s integration

Versions of these libraries should be picked by checking out the Compatibility Matrix.

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